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Please fill in the relevant details below to complete your pregnancy profile. We will then know in advance if you or your baby have any health concerns that might need to be discussed further before commencing class. Once you have registered with Aqua4mums, you can come as often as you like until you have your baby. If you no longer want your place reserved please contact me with feedback as you wish.

You only need to fill out this form if you are signing up  for your first class with Aqua4mums. All information is kept in strictest confidence.

You can pay for classes on-line.

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By pressing send, I agree, for my own safety and well-being, to inform the teacher at the beginning of the class, should any changes in the above information occur, or if any medical, physical, or emotional problem arise at any time during my class attendance.

By pressing send, I acknowledge I have read the terms and conditions